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Kay Bigelow

Managing Attorney

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Bigelow Law Offices
1009 E Shadow Ridge Rd, Casa Grande, Arizona, 85122-1709




Status: Active  

Board Certified Specialization: None  

Professional Liability Insurance: No  

Admitted to Practice Law: 1988

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona: October 21, 1988

Other Language(s): None


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Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Administrative Law Administrative Adjudications, Administrative Agency Practice, Administrative Hearings and Appeals, Federal Administrative Law, Administrative Litigation, Judicial Review, Professional Licensing, Public Law, Professional Licensing Regulation
Business Law Business Arbitration, Business Planning, Business Mediation, Business Organization, Business Litigation, Business Estate Planning, Business Fraud, Business Dissolutions, Business Enterprises, Business Formation, Business Development, Business Crimes, Business Cooperatives, Business Associations Law, Buy-Sell Agreements, Closely Held Business Law, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Cooperative Taxation, Emerging Business Law, Closely Held business Taxation, Complex Business Litigation, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Emerging Growth Companies, Emerging Growth Companies, Family Business Mediation, Family Business Law, International Business Law, Family Business Successions, Business Reorganization, Business Regulation, Business Start-Ups, Business Taxation, Business Syndication, Business Successions, Business Succession Planning, Business Transfers, Business Torts, Business Transactions, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Business Trusts, Business Valuation, International Joint Ventures, Joint Ventures, Limited Liability Company Law, Trade Association Law, Trade and Professional Associations, Sole Proprietorships, Strategic Alliances, Pass-Through Entities, Private Business Law, Minority Business Law, Privatization, Professional Practices, Small Business Law
Corporate Law Corporate Banking Law, Closely Held Corporations, Corporate Partnerships, Corporate Planning, Corporate Reorganization, Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Tax Controversies, Corporate Successions, Corporate Trusts, Corporate Tax Planning, Family Partnerships, Family Limited Partnerships, Corporate Workouts, Family Corporations, Hostile Takeovers, Foreign Sales Corporations, International Corporate Finance, Incorporation, Corporate Contracts, Corporate Commercial Law, Corporate Criminal Law, Corporate Control Contests, Corporate Dissolutions, Corporate Ethics, Corporate Fiduciary Law, Corporate Finance, Corporate Organization, Corporate Litigation, Corporate Investigations, Corporate Insurance Defense, Corporate Formation, Corporate Governance, Corporate Income Tax, Corporate Insurance, S Corporations, Small Business Corporations, Proxy Contests, Public Corporations, Partnership Taxation, Professional Corporations, Partnership Syndication, Partnership Organization, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, International Corporate Law, International Corporate Taxation, Partnership Formation, Partnership Dissolution, Nonprofit Corporations, Offshore Corporations, Takeovers, Tender Offers, Transfer Pricing
Commercial Law Warehousing, Uniform Commercial Code, Secured Transactions, Commercial Trusts, Complex Commercial Litigation, International Commercial Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Retail Liability, Sale of Goods, International Sale of Goods, Negotiable Instruments, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Liability, Commercial Fraud, Commercial Torts, Commercial Mediation, Commercial Transfers, Commercial Transactions, Commercial Crimes, Commercial Constitutional Law, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Arbitration
Contracts Bid Protests, Commercial Contracts, Contract Drafting, Contract Litigation, Contract Fraud, Defense Contracts, Defense Contract Fraud, Federal Contracts, Foreign Military Sales, Government Contract Arbitration, Government Construction Contracts, Government Contract Cost Accounting, Government Contract Fraud, International Commercial Contracts, Government Procurement, International Government Contracts, International Contracts, Public Contract Law, Public Works Contracts, Public Bidding, Local Government Contracts
Government Tax Increment Finance, Township Law, Public Policy, Public Works Contracts, Qui Tam Litigation, Public-Private Partnerships, State Legislative Practice, State Government Law, Tax Exempt Finance, Tax Exempt Bonds, Public Bidding, Public Contract Law, Public Finance Taxation, Public Officials Liability, Public Authority Finance, Project Finance, Political Subdivision Liability, Police Labor Law, Municipal Prosecution, Municipal Redevelopment, Municipal Pension Law, Municipal License Tax, Municipal Leasing, Municipal Liability, Municipal Finance, Municipal Labor Law, Municipal Risk Management, Municipal Securities, Municipal Solid Waste Resource Recovery, Municipal Solid Waste, Municipal Taxation, Municipal Torts, Municipal Utility Law, Municipal Utility Regulation, Initiative and Referendum, Infrastructure Development, International Government Contracts, International Economic Development, Industrial Development Bonds, Industrial Development, Housing and Urban Development, Governmental Liability, Government Procurement, Government Relations, Government Investigations, Government Immunity, Governmental Law, Governmental Defense, Government Risk Management, Government Tort Liability, Municipal Bonds, Municipal Bankruptcy, Municipal Bonds Taxation, Municipal Civil Rights, Municipal Contracts, Municipal Corporation Law, Municipal Derivative Products, Municipal Defense, International Project Finance, International Government Relations, Legislative Practice, Local Government Civil Rights, Local Government Contracts, Local Government Defense, Local Government Relations, Local Government Law, Government Agency Practice, Government Construction Contracts, Foreign Military Sales, Government Affairs, Government Ethics, Government Contract Fraud, Government Contract Cost Accounting, Government Contract Arbitration, Federal Grants, Federal Legislative Practice, Firefighter Labor Law, Federal Tort Claims, False Claims Act, Economic Incentive, Federal Government Law, Federal Contracts, County Liability, Defense Contract Fraud, Defense Contracts, Economic Development, County Government Law, Congressional Investigations, Chapter 9 Municipal Reorganization, Community Development, Bond Finance, Bid Protests
Public Lawyer Public Interest, Non-Profit
Regulatory Law Animal Drug Regulation, Self Regulatory Agency Investigations, Regulatory Investigations, Regulatory Agency Practice, Regulated Industries, Federal Regulatory law, Economic Regulatory Law, Drug and Medical Device Regulation, Postal Law, International Regulatory Law, Food Drug and Cosmetic Law, Food and Drug Regulation
Real Estate/Real Property Building and Public Safety Codes, Commercial Conveyancing, Cemetery Law, Commercial Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure, Commercial Real Estate Sales, Commercial Real Estate Syndication, Condemnation, Commercial Real Estate Workouts, Condo Association Duties, Condo Association Liens, Commercial Landlord & Tenant law, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Mortgages, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy, Commercial Real Estate Development, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Eviction, Evictions, Foreclosure, Fire Districts, Eminent Domain, Environmental Land Use, Condo Association Rights, Condo Association Litigation, Foreclosure, Foreclosure Defense, Historic Preservation, Personal Property, Personal Property Leasing, Property Rights, Planning and Land Use, Mortgage Tax, Mortgage Securitization, Mortgage Workouts, Office leasing, Rezoning, Retail Leasing, Rent Control, Retail Development, Shopping Center Development, Shopping Center Law, Shopping Center Acquisitions, Secondary Mortgage Market, Water Districts, Zoning, Zoning Variances, Zoning Law, Unlawful Detainer, Subdivisions, Special Districts, Shopping Center Leasing, Land Development, Land Conservation, Land Entitlement, Land Use, Inverse Condemnation, Land Annexation, International Property Law, International Leasing, HOA Rights, Improvement Districts, Industrial Real Estate Law, Industrial Leasing, HOA Duties, HOA Law, HOA Liens, HOA Litigation, Lease Finance, Lease Terminations, Leveraged Leasing, Leasing, Land Use Permitting, Land Use Litigation, Land Use Regulation, Landlord and Tenant Law, Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Law, Mortgage Lien Foreclosure, Mortgage Refinancing, Mortgage Bankruptcy, Mortgage Banking Law, Mortgage Finance, Mortgage Foreclosure
Technology and Science Technology Law, Technology Joint Ventures, Technology Finance, Technology Contracts, Technology Licensing, Technology Protection, Technology Transfers, Semiconductor Technology, Technical Litigation, Polymers, Physics, Medical Technology, Nanotechnology, Petroleum Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, International High Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, High Technology Contracts, High Technology, Internet Technology, Laser Technology, Life Sciences, Materials Science, Electronics, Coatings Technology, Fiber Optics, Explosives Technology, Aerospace Technology, Chemistry, Agrochemicals
Utility Law Wind Energy, Utility Mergers, Utility rates, Utility Finance, Utility Liability, Wholesale Power Contracts, Water Utilities, Utility regulation, Utility Taxation, Utility Acquisitions, Utility Contracts, Telephone Utilities, Telephone Utility Regulation, Sewer Utilities, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Public Utility Taxation, Public Utility Rates, Public Utility Regulation, Public Utility Law, Public Utility Finance, North American Energy Trade, Nuclear Energy, Power Pooling Contracts, Public Utilities, Alternative Energy, Cogeneration, Electric Utility Regulation, Electric Utility Finance, Electric Utility Restructuring, Energy Acquisitions, Electric Power, Electric Cooperatives Law, Electric Utilities, Electric Power Joint Ventures, Energy Deregulation, Energy Contracts, Energy Competition, Energy Conservation, Energy Facility Siting, Energy Finance, Energy Marketing, Energy Project Development, Independent Power, International Energy Law, Hydroelectricity, Hydroelectricity Licensing, Energy Regulation, Federal Energy Regulation, Gas Utilities, Gas Utility Regulation
Water Law Water Quality, Water Litigation, Water Energy, Water Disputes, Stream Adjudication, Regional Water, Water Administrative Proceedings, Water Acquisition and Ownership, Municipal Water, Interstate Compacts, Reclaimed Water, Navigability, Drainage Law, Water Treaty Rights, Water Rights, Water Transactions, Water Regulation, Water Resources


  • 9th Circuit (Active), Arizona (Active), Federal Court (Active)

Law School

  • U of Arizona

  • Last Updated: November 27, 2021
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  • Casa Grande, Arizona, Pinal County
  • Accept Credit Cards: Yes
  • Free Consultations: Yes

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