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Find a Mesa Lawyer

  • H Gordon Shields

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 11/10/1969

  • Caron L B Close

    Active | Member Since: 10/26/1991

  • Ronald D Petersen

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/10/1986

    Typical Contingency Fee: 25%

  • David Paul Brooks

    David Brooks is an AV Preeminent rated lawyer who has been practicing in Arizona since 1989.  His practice areas include general litigation, including commercial, contract, probate, intellectual property, unfair competition, insurance and other forms of litigation, general corporate, construction,business counseling and similar matters. He started his practice with Brown & Bain, PA, and became a partner there.  He opened is own firm in 1999 and welcomes new clients.

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

    Typical Hourly Rate: $350

  • James E Phelps

    James Phelps is a partner at Phelps LaClair. Born and raised in Arizona, James has strong ties to the state where his family has resided for several generations. He developed a passion for the practice of law at a young age when he worked alongside his father, who is also an estate planning attorney, for many years before attending law school. James has been practicing law since 1999 and devotes his law practice exclusively to estate planning and trust administration and enjoys helping clients achieve peace of mind by preventing “fires” instead of having to put them out. James...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1999

  • David L Johnson

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/18/1991

  • Robert P Jarvis

    Robert P. Jarvis Law Office of Robert P. Jarvis Excellence, Experience, and Commitment Attorney since 1991 Phoenix City Prosecutor 1992-1996 Private practice since 1996 Representing children, juveniles, adults, businesses, corporations, and other entities. Representing the investigated, the accused, defendants, victims, and witnesses in municipal, justice, juvenile, superior, appellate, and administrative courts. Representing the accused in many types of cases, including: misdemeanors, felonies, DUI, violent offenses, domestic violence, traffic offenses, commercial trucking,...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/26/1991

    Typical Hourly Rate: $300

  • Eric K Macdonald

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1992

  • Steven M Ellsworth

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

  • Steve H Patience

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/12/1984

  • Carol Coghlan Carter

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/09/1987

  • Sarah A Sally Worthington

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1988

  • David L Weed

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 06/03/1986

  • Lise R Witt

    Lise possesses a rare combination of left-brained analytical ability and right-brained creativity that she uses to extensively analyze and create an effective legal defense personalized for each client.  She is not afraid to take a case to trial.  She works independently of large law firms so she can invest herself intellectually and emotionally in each client’s case.  Her skillful legal research and writing further enhance her pretrial and trial practice resulting in dismissals, reduced charges, or reduced sentences.  Lise is a member of Arizona Attorneys...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/19/1990

  • Jeffrey L Gibson

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/17/1981

  • Dennis P Kavanaugh Esq

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/07/1978

  • William A Udall

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/19/1990

  • Roger R Foote

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

  • Richard E Skousen

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 09/22/1962

  • Steven E Harrison Esq

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/10/1986

  • Kimberly D Halbig-Sparks

    Active | Member Since: 05/20/1989

  • Cleve Lynch

    Active | Member Since: 09/29/1973

  • Scott H Coombs

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/17/1981

    Typical Hourly Rate: $350 | Typical Fixed Fee: $2000 | Typical Contingency Fee: 33%

  • Bobbi Falduto

    Active | Member Since: 12/16/1999

  • H Micheal Wright

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/11/1975

  • John L Blanchard

    Judicial | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Ezra T Clark III

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1993

  • William J Carter

    Active | Member Since: 05/23/1992

  • Donald J Lisa

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/10/1980

  • Keith D Manning JD

    Active | Member Since: 10/24/1992